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32 litre capacity. A versatile device which acts as a mash tun as well as a boiler. This unit comes complete with its simmerstat, heating element and tap. As a mash tun it enables you to set and automatically maintain an accurate mash temperature throughout the mashing period. To prevent the grain accumulating around the element while mashing use a RITCHIE MASHING & SPARGING BAG. After mashing leave the grain in situ and open the tap to run off the malt liquor and at the same time sparge to rinse the remaining maltose and dextrin sugars from the grain. After sparging remove the grain (makes good compost!), rinse the boiler and then fit a BRUPAKS HOP STRAINER into the back of the tap. Return the malt liquor to the boiler and add the hops. The ELECTRIM BOILER can now be used to boil the wort. To secure a good "hot break" (protein coagulation) a vigorous boil is recommended and the ELECTRIM BOILER is ideal for this purpose as all the boiling can be carried out in the open air (in dry weather) to save fogging up the house with steam! Add a teaspoon of IRISH MOSS for the last 15 minutes of the boil to coagulate the proteins. Leave the wort to settle for 15 minutes after turning off the heat and then run off the wort through the tap, the hops will now form a natural filter bed around the BRUPAKS HOP STRAINER to ensure you leave the proteins behind. The collected wort can now be force cooled using a BRUPAKS IMMERSION BEER WORT CHILLER which not only cools the wort to yeast pitching temperature in about 10 minutes but also produces a further protein dropout known as the "cold break".

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